Update: Upcoming work, NRL expansion teams

Its been a while since I’ve added much to the site and am looking to get a few more ESL designs up very soon.

I’ve also looked at doing some NRL expansion clubs considering the current debate on whether to expand and who to add. I’m looking to do the following teams:

  • Central Coast Bears (Redo of current design on site)
  • Ipswich Jets
  • Perth Reds (Redo)
  • Wellington

I haven’t decided on what to call Wellington but I have a few ideas:

  • Wellington Penguins (Midnight blue, yellow, white)
  • Wellington Bees/Wasps (Black, gold, white)
  • Wellington Admirals/Commodores (Midnight blue, gold)
  • Wellington Marauders (Black, white, gold)
  • Wellington Moa (Possibly dark brown and yellow)

I’m not particularly familiar with anything Wellington so it’d be great to hear some suggestions or thoughts on what I’ve listed.

EDIT: 1/2/11

I’ve come up with some names and colours for potentially 22 NRL teams to do in my next set, I’ve attached an image showing colours as well as some charts representing the distribution of colours in this proposed league.

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