Sydney Roosters


24/9/2015: This concept has been modified to avoid legal action.

I really haven’t made many changes to my Roosters set from last year, and that set isn’t far removed from what they actually wear; the Roosters are a club that already “gets it” and would benefit from few changes.

To quote from my previous posts:




The logo is a modified version of their popular logo used in the 1980′s and 1990′s. The rooster is similar to the one used in their 100 seasons logo (which I thoght was a nice clean update) on a wider shield. The Roosters are a well established and unique brand in Australian sport, like Souths and the Dragons, and do not need a wordmark to be recognised. The secondary is the Rooster on its own above the collar.


The primary is almost identical to what they wear now, with the sleeve stripes moving to the thicker cuffs of the template. The secondary is a traditional blue/white/red “double V” with matching sleeve striping and navy or white shorts and white socks. The first throwback is their traditional heritage jersey (with the older “Easts to Win” logo and the sponsor moving below it) and the second throwback is the WWII era sky blue jersey to be used exclusively on ANZAC day (replacing the camouflage mess they adopted last year).