Sydney 6ers 2017-18

Sydney's glamour club needs to say "Sydney".

The 6ers are marketed as Sydney’s glamour club, and the choice of a bright pink as the primary colour does nothing to sway that perception. The 6ers uniforms focus solely on this glamour motif, with sparkles sublimated onto the shirt body. I switched this look out for a geometric pattern based on the tiling of Sydney Opera House’s iconic roof (also featured in the 6ers logo).

This pattern is repeated on the cap, shirt and pants and provides a very subtle nod to the region the 6ers represent without going overboard.

The colours have also been updated:

  • The shade of pink has shifted slightly towards magenta compared with the redder shade currently used (varies by application so its hard to tell what the official colour is).
  • The secondary colour has been switched from black to a dark grey – I’m planning on drawing some teams away from the neon+black look currently used by all teams in the league. All teams wearing black pants feels kind of cheap and cookie cutter so a bit of variation in colours and fleshing out of the individual team identities would give the league a nudge in the right direction for aesthetics.




The cap is primarily grey with a contrasting pink front panel. The side panels feature an inverted version of the pattern featured on the shirt and pants.

Mens Uniform

A new name/number font in white with a gradient outline provides better contrast than the current black with a white outline. An arched name has a bit of a baseball vibe to it, which the BBL is clearly going for.

Women’s Uniform

I prefer the look of contrasting pants for cricket uniforms and am surprised it took decades to really catch on. Certain colours just look odd when used for both a shirt and long pants. Either way, a bit of variation in combinations is a good thing.

The shirts feature a collar which is less common in Twenty20 cricket but is also a look I prefer since the V-neck kind of looks unfinished.

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See more of this collection

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