South Sydney Rabbitohs

Primary and secondary uniforms

Just how hard is it to get red and green hoops right?

Cut the Crap Out

  • ONE primary jersey
  • ONE contrasting secondary (clash) jersey
  • No black/white panels
  • No gimmicks or separate home jerseys
  • Back to the white rabbit
  • SDRLFC on socks

Cardinal and Myrtle

The red hoops are wider, reduced in number from five to four, and switched in position. The second hoop is slightly wider to accommodate the sponsor logo, instead of dropping a big box on top of the design.

The green has been darkened to better contrast with the red and the jersey is accented with a traditional white collar flap.


A secondary (clash) design with a different spin on the red and green hoops. The hoops are split diagonally with red and green on a very light grey base.


Click on the tabs to view each uniform.

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