South Sydney Rabbitohs


And now onto the self proclaimed “Pride of the League”. This set is more about righting wrongs and re-introducing clarity than anything.


I can’t stand South’s current emphasis on black in their uniforms. It was traditionally used for the shorts and should kept that way. Red and green are murky together and black features make the logo, sponsors and numbers difficult to identify from a distance. What looks clearer:





So the biggest change to the primary is the removal of most of the black. The sidepanels have also been removed and the red and green stripes made equal width. As with most of the old Sydney clubs I’ve gone with a mock┬átraditional┬ácollar and the primary sponsor has been split between two stripes which is about as good as sponsor integration will get in this case. The shorts are kept black as they should be but with a red and green split pinstripe down the side to add some colour.


The secondary is a modification of the primary in that alternating double hoops are replaced with white to give a predominantly white jersey. The sponsor is coloured so that each line matches the hoop missing from that spot.

Retro Alternate

The retro is the minties jersey (short sleeve version) with the correct shorts, socks and logo.