Perth Scorchers 2017-18

If the Big Bash League has one thing in spades, its ambiguous names. The challenge in this set is to visualise the either the team moniker or city in the uniform somehow.

What is a Scorcher? Something hot no doubt. There’s another “hot” themed team in the league too – the Brisbane Heat. A lot of the potential design elements have cross-over between these two teams. I thought the Scorchers would be the harder one to come up with something so I attacked it first.

Orange is a pretty good colour for the team as its associated with both the sun and desert, both of which WA has in spades. Even though the BBL is played at night, the idea of theming a team around the hot weather, then dressing them in lots of black seems stupid to me. I switched out most of the black and went with a mainly two-toned orange look to distinguish the Scorchers from other orange teams in Australia who use more black (Wests Tigers, Brisbane Roar, GWS Giants). The resulting look would probably be too garish for most other sports but really fits the high saturation feel of the BBL.


The Scorchers already use desert themes in their marketing and seeing pictures of desert sands gave me an idea to use them in the uniform. A subtle waving lines pattern is meant to be an abstraction of the wind blown sands of WA’s interior.

I dislike extremely wide logos, especially on uniforms as they have to be shrunk down to fit which can compromise legibility. The logo has been switched to a vertical lockup and the sun/ball has been moved out of the wordmark and combined with an “S”, this gives the logo much needed height but also functions as a monogram for the cap.


The cap is primarily black with a contrasting orange front panel. The front panel features the same desert sand pattern from the shirt and pants.

Mens Uniform

The uniforms take a more traditional “ODI” form with non-contrasting tops and bottoms. The shirt transitions from the lighter to darker orange (via the sand pattern) which continues to the pants.

Women’s Uniform

A small amount of black in the logos and trims were left in to provide a bit of contrast. The name and numbers were left white however, to avoid looking too similar to other orange teams.

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See more of this collection

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