Perth Reds (Expansion Team)

The next expansion team is the Perth Reds, formerly known as the Western Reds and currently bidding as the WA Reds. Just as I am not a fan of the Warriors calling themselves the “New Zealand Warriors”, I am not a fan of the Reds as “Western Australia Reds” , the team plays in Perth and should be named Perth (it also distances itself from the hordes of West Coast, Western… teams over there).


I reworked a logo I had done previously for the Reds, most notably cutting out the body and removing the rising sun background.

My previous Reds logo

The leaping kangaroo was an awkward shape, requiring the sun in the background as filler – a crutch in retrospect. The old roo also lacked detail and aggression which the old logo has in spades (albeit cartoonish). The new logo is sleeker and has controlled aggression. The secondary is the same as the primary, minus the wordmark.


I wanted something unique, bold and appropriate for the region. The colours consist of an orange-red, mimicking the colour of (parts of) a red kangaroo as well as the red sands of WA and a brown-maroon colour which I’m calling haematite, representing the significance of iron ore mining to the state.


The primary uniform is a Orange-Red jersey with a subtle haematite sash; WA is a non traditional frontier to the NRL so a unique style is important. The jersey is paired up with white shorts and orange-red socks. The secondary is an all white with colour bands across the chest consistent with the cuff/shorts/socks stripes the secondary also has a white pair of shorts for clash purposes. The throwback is the old Western Reds jersey, and links the old with the new in this set.

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