Penrith Panthers


With the lukewarm response to my last Panthers set, I’ve decided to overhaul the entire concept. I totally get if Panthers fans will hate this but I’m just throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks. The Panthers seem to be the forgotten club of Sydney, along with the Sharks, and are rumoured to be re-branding to better capture the imagination of new fans in Sydney’s west; unique colours and styling would go a long way in setting the Panthers apart in the west.


With fellow Western Sydney club, the Tigers now taking a mortgage out on black, I’ve (paradoxically) ditched the colour from the Panthers¬†palette¬†entirely. In its place is a dark chocolate or seal brown colour which is basically brown-black and is closer to the actual colouring of a Panther. Given that the general reception to my last colour set (black/brown/tan) was “dull”, I’ve paired the dark brown up with an electric blue which is an evolution of the teal colour that the club has been so fond of since 2003. The brown and blue are an odd match but contrast heavily and show details clearly.

On top of this change, I’ve switched out the blue for hot pink for the secondary, a colour I’m sure will get mixed reactions. The Pink Panther uniforms seem to be popular as a one-off every year. I’ve extended this usage to a secondary “clash” jersey that won’t be confused too much with others. The Pink also allows for a contrasting jersey that isn’t white like most other teams or blue which would draw comparisons to the Sharks and Titans.

Overall its a wild change but not without precedents.


Gone is the front-on snarling Panther which, like the Raiders current logo, has seen its best days. The new logo has the Panther side-on and is much lighter on detailing though the detailing contrasts more than the current purple on black. The colours are reduced from 6 (black/white/purple/teal/red/yellow) to 3 (brown/blue/white) and the logo is in a modern shield form with less emphasis on the wordmark. I’m happy with how the use of negative space has simplified the logo and reduced the numbers of colours required.

The secondary logo is a side-on leaping panther which features on the back below the collar.


The primary and secondary uniforms take the thin striping of my previous set and shifts the body striping to the sleeves. Although the striping is thin, the colours make them stand out. The primary is brown jersey, shorts and socks with blue striping while the secondary is pink jersey with brown sleeves, brown shorts, brown socks and pink striping on all three.

The two retro jerseys remain from the last set, unchanged.