Penrith Panthers 2012-13

Next up is the Penrith Panthers. Not a fan of how the Panthers look at the moment, the jerseys are essentially plain black with a small amount of teal, the away fares better but I still don’t like the teal.


The Panthers have had an identity crisis over years as to what colours they should use, black is an obvious choice since panthers are, well, black. Outside of that, they used a rainbow of colours over the years. Since Penrith is a working class town, a no frills colour scheme fits them to boot. There’s no need to look any further than their original brown. In the end, like the last time I did the Panthers, black/brown/tan are the colours.


What I do like in the Panthers current set is the use of the licorice allsorts striping, however its way too faint to be noticed. For the primary I went with this striping in brown over the black with tan accents. Its a unique stripe in sport and isn’t too loud with the muted colours.

The secondary is based on their white kits used in the 70’s and 80’s, again no frills.

The first throwback is their licorice allsorts jersey and the second is their original chocolate soldiers look. Sounds sweet.

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