North Queensland Cowboys 2012-13


Though not a fan of the Cowboys name, the idea of using the horns for the logo is pretty unique. What lets it down is how its slapped on top of that awful, blunt star with the wordmark alternating between navy and red(!?) depending on the application.

What I’ve done is make the star more like a sheriff’s badge while keeping the horns and updating the wordmark. Its a bit busy but it definitely says “Cowboys”. The secondary is the badge on its own.


I didn’t change the colours, just their prevalence. The gold takes a backseat to the navy and silver in this set and is used sparingly as an accent colour.


The primary and secondary are based on their original design, using “shutterblind” striping on the chest. For contrast, the primary is an all navy uniform while the secondary has more white on the jersey. The first throwback is their original design while the second throwback is the traditional North Queensland playing strip.

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