North American Rugby League


I haven’t been able to work on much lately, not enough to post a full set like I had promised earlier. To keep new content coming in I’ve decided to unveil North American teams as I make them.

United States of America

  • Stars and stripes theme in uniforms and logos
  • USARL logo based on highway marker shields, flag elements in “XIII”.
  • Vintage name/number font

Since the USARL is still figuring out what their name is after deciding to move away from the Tomahawks, I figured it would be best to avoid a nickname altogether so that it isn’t wrong once they pick a name. Of course, the nickname could still be applied to the team as an afterthought.

I wanted to use the stars and stripes in the design without going overboard. Hard to do that without toning the stars down at least. The shield and logo were made after fiddling around with some ideas. The XIII logo was just dumb luck and I wouldn’t be surprised if it had already been done by someone else.


  • Angled yoke and primary sponsor
  • Textured gradient on jersey yoke and shorts
  • Diamond texture on jersey body

Jamaica has only played a handful of international matches, mainly against the USA and Canada. The set was inspired by some of the outlandish design that Puma has come out with for Jamaican athletics in the past. Although I prefer the darker secondary design, I kept the primary yellow to remain distinct from other competitors.


  • Yoke with beaver tail
  • Outdoor-styled name and number font

I wanted to go with just red and white but the black adds perfect contrast. The V-yoke has a bevelled waffle pattern which is supposed to imitate a beaver tail, thats how beaver tails look in cartoons anyway. The beaver pattern kind of contradicts the team being named The Wolverines, but I liked it enough to keep it.