New Zealand Warriors changes for 2012, interesting…

The NZ Warriors have released a new home and away jersey for 2012 with a striking resemblance to a design I put out about 2 years back.

The new design is here:

Which looks strikingly similar (in design) to this:

I’ll concede that similar designs have a history with the Warriors but they still are quite close. Its too bad that they are staying with the black/white colour scheme, the red is a welcome addition and reminds me of the paintings on Whare beams (which is appropriate considering the team is named the Warriors and represents all of New Zealand). However, in the long run, if NZ were to get a second team then the Warriors would need to represent the Auckland region and surrounding areas.

The other thing that bugs me is the in your face piping. Canterbury has made a bad habit of putting piping on everything, including the new Qld origin jersey. They certainly can get away without it as shown in this current South African jersey.

What certain manufacturers fail to achieve ┬áis a template that can be adaptable to a teams identity, in Canterbury’s case they compromise the team identity to fit the template, poor form in my opinion.