Melbourne Stars 2017-18

Undoubtedly, the Stars were marketed as Melbourne’s glamour club. No club in their right mind would call themselves the “Stars” and solely focus on a working class demographic. I don’t care for the name but its fine for the BBL. Their best asset by far is the green and silver colour scheme, not something typically associated with Melbourne sporting teams as far as I know.


The primary theme is based around Melbourne’s Federation Square, which features a striking tessellated façade. The pattern is based on pinwheel tiling and is less random than first impressions suggest. I originally made something that looked like it without applying the tiling principles but had to revisit it when I actually found out what pinwheel tiling was. A star was featured in the earlier pattern, similar to the team logo, but was ultimately scrapped.


The cap is green with contrasting silver bill. The tiling pattern is featured on the front panel and provides a backdrop to the logo.

Mens Uniform

The shirt is predominantly green with silver shoulders while the pants are similarly coloured.

Women’s Uniform

The tiling pattern is featured on the shirt and in the contrast panelling of the pants. Its fairly subtle compared to most of the other teams in this series, with only the Scorchers having a more subdued design.

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See more of this collection

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