Hobart Hurricanes 2017-18

Rounding the final corner with the second last team, the Hobart Hurricanes. Mismatching name aside, the logo at least has decent proportions, and the two little H’s are pretty cool. The choice of purple and silver are interesting as they are similar to the Melbourne Storm’s, whose moniker is also based on weather phenomena.


The repeated design element here is a series of jagged diagonal lines that represent rapid movement of wind, water and debris in a hurricane.


The cap is purple all over, with a hurricane pattern on the front panel.

Mens Uniform

The uniform features three shades of purple, though the shades are pretty close to one another and don’t provide a lot of contrast.

Women’s Uniform

A light silver has been used for the name, number and manufacturer’s logo to make the design a bit more gloomy, and to not appear brighter than the team logo.

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See more of this collection

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