Cricket Australia Test Kit 2017-18

Why bother doing a plain white uniform? First of all, its a plain light cream uniform. But the main reason for doing so was to test out my extremely intrusive wordmark on the back of the shirt.

Its something that would probably never see the light of day but I just wanted the opportunity to tie the whole identity together. Rather than a solid wordmark, a thin metallic gold drop shadow of the wordmark was used to give as minimal an impact as possible. I don’t think this would be visible on TV other than in close-ups, and certainly not as the bowler is hitting the crease.

Other than the wordmark, any embellishments such as the piping that the test team currently wears has been excluded. Piping on test uniforms usually looks cheap and is pretty intrusive, more so than the above wordmark in my opinion. When Asics originally took on the CA contract, the Australia shirt had a yellow inner placket which was pretty unique and stood out from the other test nations that used green as an accent colour. I’ve kept the collar plain but do consider something like this briefly when working on the uniform.

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