Cricket Australia T20 Kit 2017-18

Designing a T20 uniform is the time, if any, to throw something different out. The current uniform is an attempt at a crazy look, but surprisingly comes across as boring –  a black shirt with lime splices on the sides. I like the idea of using variations of the traditional green and gold for this format but I just don’t care for the overall design, least of all the lime stitching on the cap. At the very least, the current design is an improvement on the last T20 kit which had similar colours but had sublimated “piping” all over it.

Continuing with the idea of alternate colours, I settled on midnight green, light emerald and gold. The emerald green is used sparingly for the player name/wordmark and as part of a sublimated southern cross pattern on the main body. The colour scheme is definitely more muted than the current T20 scheme but allowed me to put Australia in a green uniform somewhere in this set, specifically a darker green which I really like. In addition, toning down the colours and features might be enough of an incentive for people who don’t wear sports jerseys often (including myself) to wear one casually.

I had the idea of depicting the southern cross this way for a while but could not get it to look good on a gold ODI uniform. The lines are basically extensions of every segment of the cross’ stars with a gradient fading to a darker green on the edges. The pattern is muted on the back and repeated (in part) on the pants leg panels and cap. I had to move the KFC sponsor to the right chest as it would have broken up the design too much – something that might impact the commercial feasibility of the design.

Since player numbers don’t really have any practical significance, perfect visibility is not critical. I decided to go with green numbers and a metallic gold outline for no other reason than to add the gold colour sparingly.

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