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This website is a showcase of design work I do as a hobby. Its mainly sports related but some other identity work is included as well. I’ve been doing this since 1998, starting on MS Paint.


Please look for your question first before using the form.

I use Adobe Illustrator for logos and mainly Photoshop for uniforms and renderings. These are the commercial standards for this kind of design but are expensive. You can always try your luck by getting an older copy of these programs that are cheaper and still have most of the functionality of current versions. There are also free alternatives to these programs. I recommend Inkscape (like Illustrator) and The Gimp (like Photoshop but less features).

There are extensive tutorials online to learn how to use these products. Pay close attention to vector and masking based tutorials. I do not offer a tutorial on how to do these things.

I seldom do free requests these days. A few years ago I had to draw the line when  I was putting more time into these requests than my own work. I also work full time elsewhere and have just finished studying so I’d like to enjoy life for a while.

You can always try your luck by contacting me. If you’re polite and have an interesting project, I may pick it up. Otherwise, don’t feel bad as I have to decline a majority of the requests I get.

Generally nowhere. I usually don’t produce anything on here. I won’t get anything made up if it contains licensed material, legal issues and whatnot.

If you would like to arrange to get some non-licensed designs made up, they’ll probably need to be done in large numbers.

I can’t stop anyone that does but it would be nice if you contacted me beforehand.


Please read before using the form.

Content on this website has been produced in the context of a concept only, unless explicitly stated otherwise. All art elements used on this website (including logos) are the property of their respective owners.

Any artwork produced digitally on this website, that contains intellectual properties of another party, have not and will not be used to generate income without express permission of the owner of said property. Any commercial freelance services offered by this website do not make use of the intellectual properties of other parties without their consent.

All queries regarding intellectual properties, trademarks and copyrights can be sent to the owner of this website using the contact form below.

I run this website primarily as a hobby, and have done so for over a decade. My work makes use of a lot of intellectual property to make concepts as realistic as possible – logos, sponsors, etc… Some of this intellectual property has been modified for aesthetic reasons only and is not intended as a means of re-purposing or inappropriate use.

Its impractical for me to gain the permission to use all of the properties that are used here, or to be wholly aware of all trademarks, etc… when creating content. However, I understand that the owners of these properties do have the ultimate say in how their content is used. If you are the owner of property used here and are not satisfied with its usage, please contact me using the form below. As long as you can provide proof of ownership, I will be happy to satisfy requests within reason, generally by removing the offending content.

Any content created here that generates an income for me or this website will not make use of the intellectual property of others without the owner’s permission. Likewise, I try to do my homework on whether content I create infringes the properties of others in cases where I may generate a profit.

I don’t want any legal troubles, contact me using the form below if you have an issue with an intellectual property used here.

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Please read the FAQ above as it may already answer your question. This not only saves my time but you don’t have to wait for a reply.