Central Coast Bears

Expansion Tean

Next up is what would be my local team, the Central Coast Bears.


The logo is based on the original North Sydney “Bear in a football” logo adopted in the late 1950’s.

Obviously the detailing of the Bear isn’t great and its stance is awkward so I simplified the Bear and changed the stance to something more stoic. The idea was to create a simple iconic silhouette logo like Souths or my Roosters concept. The red and black C’s denote the Central Coast. The secondary is the bear alone on the football.


The Bears have had some unique looks in the past and I wanted to bring some of these looks together in this set.


There’s a good reason for the Sydney public responding to the Wanderers as “looking like Norths”. The reason being that black/red hoops is the iconic look for the Bears. To avoid confusion I’ve gone with a thicker hoop that links seamlessly with the hoop on the sleeve, not too far removed from what they wear in the NSW Cup.


Looking through the Bears’ history I came across a jersey worn once in 1970 in the infamous walk off match against Canterbury. It’s not a bad design so I used it and paired it with the home shorts and socks.

Retro Alt 1

The first retro alt is possibly the most unique jersey in Australian RL. Based on the visiting American Allstars team in 1953, the jersey features numbers on the front as is the norm in American Football. This jersey was also the first to use the Bear logo (1959).

Retro Alt 2

The second retro alt is the ugly, yet popular, all red design from the 1980’s and early 1990’s.