04 Mar '13


Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

The second half of today’s double-post is the Sharks, last of the existing NRL teams.


The current Sharks logo has a pretty cool rendering of a shark, albeit very light on detail. I changed the … Read More

04 Mar '13


North Queensland Cowboys

There’s a double post today so I can crank out all of the existing NRL teams prior to the season starting.


Another change to the Cowboys logo, this time I’ve moved away from using a … Read More

27 Feb '13


South Sydney Rabbitohs

And now onto the self proclaimed “Pride of the League”. This set is more about righting wrongs and re-introducing clarity than anything.


I can’t stand South’s current emphasis on black in their uniforms. It was … Read More

18 Feb '13

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Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs

A quick update on this set before I dive into the Bulldogs, I’m close to finishing all the teams I had planned on. There are 22 teams in total with 4 existing teams (Bulldogs, Rabbitohs, Cowboys and Sharks) … Read More

04 Feb '13


Penrith Panthers

With the lukewarm response to my last Panthers set, I’ve decided to overhaul the entire concept. I totally get if Panthers fans will hate this but I’m just throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks. The … Read More

29 Jan '13


Canberra Raiders

The Raiders are my team and in the past I’ve found it tough to make drastic changes to what they’ve had. I’ve thrown a bit of caution to the wind and updated their classic look.


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26 Jan '13


Parramatta Eels

Again, little has changed from last year although I have place more emphasis on the contrasting stripe colour by making them wider (thick/thin/thick/thin/thick/thin/thick) which retains the style but adds more balance to the blue jersey in particular. Not much else … Read More

13 Jan '13


Sydney Roosters

24/9/2015: This concept has been modified to avoid legal action.

I really haven’t made many changes to my Roosters set from last year, and that set isn’t far removed from what they actually wear; the Roosters are a … Read More

07 Jan '13

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Auckland Warriors

How many New Zealand Teams?

I spent a bit of time over the last few months, figuring how many teams New Zealand would/could sustain in the medium term (10-25 years into the future). With the current state of … Read More

03 Jan '13

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Manly-Warringah Sea-Eagles

Moving from West Coast to East. The Sea-Eagles have bounced around with their identity over the past 20 years, away from the look most associated with the Silvertails moniker. The aim here is to bring their identity more … Read More

23 Dec '12


Brisbane Broncos

I’ve already leaked my Broncos designs but I wanted to add another (highly requested) retro alt.


I leaked these designs before the actual 2013 jerseys came out so the appearance of a yoke in the designs is … Read More

17 Dec '12

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St. George-Illawarra Dragons

I aimed to more closely integrate the two identities. Its a more subtle effort than with the Tigers though it may be more controversial with St. George’s V dominating the jerseys.


From my previous Dragons post:

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26 Nov '12

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Melbourne Storm

With the Storm just releasing their new design, which is a modest upgrade of their last set, I decided to add my contribution for them early.


I love the emphasis on purple of late. It really sets … Read More

25 Nov '12


Newcastle Knights

The Knights have pretty much nailed their identity outside of their uniforms. The actual home jersey is terrible and their attempts to return to the Barca stripes, although a good idea, hasn’t had the best execution (imo). The … Read More

24 Nov '12


Gold Coast Titans

I’ve taken a different route from previous Titans designs, moving away from whacky cartoonish watermarks and random panels to simpler elements that place emphasis on their unique colours.


There were already a lot of blue … Read More

22 Nov '12


West Sydney Tigers

The Balmain side of the merger currently dominates the Wests Tigers identity yet does not hint at the vast history of the Balmain club (and even less so in the case of the Magpies). When the merger was formed, it was decided … Read More