Canberra Raiders


The Raiders are my team and in the past I’ve found it tough to make drastic changes to what they’ve had. I’ve thrown a bit of caution to the wind and updated their classic look.


The current logo was a great update to the original logo back in 2000. Although its still one of the better logos, it has dated and has a cartoonish quality to it. The helmet on the current logo is a brutal piece of headgear but it doesn’t really resemble an actual Viking helmet (I know the helmet horns  are an embellishment, before anyone corrects me) and the football between the eyes bugs me (read: cheesy).


So although the current logo is becoming outdated, it still is a good basis for a logo. The new logo more correctly depicts a Viking anatomically, particularly the helmet (not horns) and beard. The new Viking has a more stoic expression compared to the menacing look of the current. I’ve also eliminated the darker green and fluoro yellow, a relic from the club’s failed attempt to switch to a more sensible green, and replaced them with two bright greens which subtly imply depth.



I’ve had this idea in the works for a while, since entering a design in the Raiders “design the home jersey” contest in 2010.  The striping moves to the cuffs and is simplified from white/blue/gold/white to blue/white/gold. The green has been changed to an electric green shade and the front of the body has a subtle pattern, an abstraction of parliament house, which is also integrated into the shorts side panel.


I’m calling the primary a light jersey and the secondary is a dark clash jersey, focusing on blue rather than white. To keep green in the picture I’ve added a narrow V saddle to the jersey and blocked in the sock fold over.

Retro Alternate

The retro alt throws back to the 1990-93 “Video-Ezy” jersey with the relatively darker green and blue v-neck and cuffs. Huawei has co-operated in this scenario and allowed their logo to be shown in a style similar to the Woodgers and Video-Ezy logos on those jerseys. I also wear this jersey to most games and it represents the most successful period in club history.