Canberra Raiders 2012 Home Jersey Competition

I posted something similar to this in 2009 regarding the vote for the away jersey and again, the given selection has been found wanting:

By my count that’s two designs, one of which I am calling “The FrankenRooster”. There were several designs submitted by Raiders fans from the GreenHouse forums, none of which were considered, including mine:

As well as several other fantastic designs. If you’re a fan of the Raiders or even just want to see teams with a unique and clean identity (I’m looking at you Tigers/Knights/Storm fans), don’t be afraid to contact the Raiders at to let them know ow you feel.

Edit: An updated version of the above.

Update: The Raiders released their 2012 home and away uniforms today, minus the pit stains thankfully. The design isn’t great and is a downgrade from this year but at the very least the Raiders have gotten rid of the black.

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