Auckland Warriors 2012-13

Next up are the Auckland Warriors


Given that there is more than one team in New Zealand (in MY league) I’ve gone back to Auckland, which I like as a name anyway. The “Warriors” moniker also still ties in richly with New Zealand.


The Warriors’ biggest problem lies with their colours. Off the top of my head they’ve had about 6 different colour schemes (Blue/White/Green/Red, Red/White/Blue, Black/White/Red/Blue, Black/Silver, Black/White and now Black/White/Red) many of which appeal to New Zealand but not specifically Auckland. Auckland’s traditional colours are Blue/White, the red and green in the Warriors’ original scheme came from their sponsor at the time “DB Bitter”, I’ve also kept the green to differentiate from the dogs. These colours were also used up until this year by the U20’s Warriors team, although their blue was darker, the colours just look really good together.


You may remember that I posted a design about 2 1/2 years ago that looks strikingly similar to the Warriors’ current uniforms. I’ve further evolved this design to closer match the original Warriors jersey (white yoke) for the primary. The V-style is unique and has been used in some form by the Warriors for most of their existence. The shorts also use a unique “Koru”-styled striping (fern frond). The secondary uses the Koru striping on the jersey and is more obvious. The throwback is the original Auckland representative jersey.

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