Africa/Asia Rugby League


There aren’t a lot of league playing nations in Africa or Asia so I’ve limited the teams in this post to two.

South Africa

  • Two tone green
  • V yoke
  • Flag colours and detailing on inner and back collar

South Africa uses similar colours to Australian sporting teams, albeit with differing shades of green. Rather than switch to a gold jersey to differentiate from the Kangaroos, I wanted to try something similar in style without looking like a direct copy. The V yoke has has only been used for the USA  and Canada so far and is a point of difference from the usual V style. The two tone green also mixes the colours up a bit. Not to leave the other national colours out, the national flag is featured on the back collar and the colours are banded on the inner collar tape.


  • Flag inspired striping
  • Gold detailing

Lebanon is the centre of Rugby League in Asia and would have been difficult to leave out of this series. The darker green currently used by Lebanon has been used here along with the gold trimming. A chest band has been used to distinguish from South Africa (a regular rival) which gave the opportunity to incorporate the flag. The striping on the primary jersey and shorts is a finer detail while more obvious on the clash and socks.