Adelaide Strikers 2017-18

Cricket Australia decided to dip into the 1980’s soccer bag of team names when coming up with the team name “Strikers”; a more generic name could not be had. However, it does kind of work for Twenty20 cricket since it has a strong emphasis on belting the ball out of the park.

How you go about fleshing out an identity for the Strikers is anyone’s guess but I don’t think the actual brand was well thought out. Here’s a quick rating of their existing visual brand:

  • Colours – relatively muted for BBL standards but distinct enough to build a brand around. Silver is a welcome addition as an accent colour.

  • Striping – not sure why its used on the uniforms but its something that could be expanded upon. No other team uses a traditional element like this so its refreshing.
  • Logo – its fine for what it is, generic. But what can you do with so little to work with in “Strikers”? Not too wide as other wordmark logos have been so far. Legibility at a distance is an issue.

  • Uniforms – just lazy. All BBL teams have some sort of theme sublimated onto the shirt. The Strikers have an “S” from the logo, one that does not work on its own outside of the Strikers wordmark. Just plain ugly. The striping could also have been applied better.
  • “Mascot” – there is no physical representation of the Strikers brand. Other ambiguous names in the BBL at least have something. You can picture a Renegade and you can see an Opera House in the 6ers logo, but the Strikers have ZERO in this department.

The good and ok columns are worth holding onto but the bad stuff has been given the flick.

I first thought of what could be used to represent the Strikers. I first thought of a strike in Baseball, then one in Bowling. Strikes in Bowling are signified by an “X”. So what?

I thought of how to use an “X” and came up with using a skull and crossbones – a fairly marketable symbol that I would assume the fans would cotton onto. So I put together a skull and crossbones graphic with crossed cricket bats replacing the crossbones.


This graphic has been applied to both the front of the shirt and the sides of the cap. Not to leave the bowlers out, a ball crashing into a set of stumps is featured on the lower shirt back.


The cap is predominantly dark grey with a contrasting blue peak. I’ve been intentionally picking predominantly black/grey caps so far as I feel that they would appeal to a wider base of casual wearers. The Strikers’ “S” is pretty weak on its own so the whole logo is featured on the cap.

Mens Uniform

Rather than feature the graphics I created in the contrast panels, the original striping has been applied as a racing stripe down the side of the shirt and pants.

Women’s Uniform

A slightly brighter blue has been used with a very dark grey and silver trim. The type of blue and its balance with black kind of reminds me of the Cronulla Shark’s colours circa 2004. The colour transition from blue at the top of the shirt to the dark grey pants by gradient.

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See more of this collection

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