Adelaide Rams

Expansion Team

An Adelaide based NRL club is very unlikely to join the NRL any time soon but eventually including the Rams would be essential in establishing a national footprint.


I wanted to change the previous Ram logo to a merino but it turns out that merinos are bloody hard to draw front on; their eyes are very small and spaced apart and the coiff of wool on top lies somewhere between un-intimidating and comical. I went with a side-on view and arranged the wool to fit a circle and match the shape of the iconic ram horn.


From my last post:

Newcastle has the monopoly on red and blue so I settled on mainly red with dark purple; red tying in with South Australia.

There’s some off-white, also used previously, that has been made a bit more prominent in the colour scheme.



I like thin hoops but havn’t been able to use them in this set yet. The style suited the colours well (as in the colours don’t contrast too much, which means a sponsor can go on top without a box ruining the stripes) so they’ve been used here.


Keeping with the thin hoops as a band across the chest and on the sleeves. Off-white comes into play as the main colour, making this a memorable design.

Retro Alternate

I didn’t really want to use the Super League design as the war is still a touchy subject but it IS the only Adelaide Rams design of significance (silly to use their one-off yellow jersey as an alternate). Lets call it a reminder of something that we hope will never happen again and leave it at that.