Western Europe Rugby League


This post is meant to cover teams in Western Europe outside of the British Isles and France. Teams will be added here one by one.


  • Redesigned FIRL logo
  • Embossed mosaic inspired pattern on primary
  • Diagonal flag sash on clash

The main aim of was to distinguish the RL team from other national teams. First was a switch in nickname from “The Azzurri” to “The Gladiators”. The logo was also redesigned to distance it from the similar soccer and rugby body logos. The oval shield is fairly common for Italian teams, however.

The primary uniform is a bright azure, to differentiate from nearby France, with green/red/white trim. The jersey body has an embossed pattern similar to a Roman mosaic, minus the actual tiling tiles. The clash jersey is an inversion of the primary jersey and socks, with a large flag graphic on the front.


  • Redesigned RLD logo
  • Unique (for int RL) grey colour on primary jersey, traditional colours for clash
  • Split colour V with gradients

A lot of German sporting teams use a clean and modern design aesthetic so I’ve followed suit. To keep a main point of difference, the primary jersey has been switched to a charcoal grey colour with the traditional Prussian black and white for the clash. Red and yellow are used sparingly as trim colours but are also the focal point with a unique style of V yoke. The nickname “Schwarzer Adler” translates to “Black Eagles” which comes from the national coat of arms.


  • Distinctive white on red primary combination
  • Vertical split clash jersey
  • Maltese cross detail on chest

Its tempting to just put a red cross on the jersey and call it a day, as the national team does now and have done in the past. However, I liked the clean look of their Nike teamwear kits a few years back and went that route instead. The Maltese cross still features but is toned down and given some more detail (including fleur-de lis) to look similar to some Maltese military badges and religious iconography. The white over red is a unique primary look in international RL and differentiates itself from England who have similar colours. The vertical split on the secondary calls back to the Maltese national flag, with a charcoal grey replacing white for clash purposes. “Il-Kavallieri” translates to English as “The Knights”.


  • Flag striping on jersey,socks and clash shorts
  • Nordic swirl texture on the shoulders and chest band

The basic design takes cues from the awesome socks that Norway already uses. Chest bands are not common in international RL and was a great way to use Norway’s colours. No prize for what “Vikingene” translates to, or why they are named that.