West Sydney Tigers

Next up is the West Sydney Tigers.


“Wests” Tigers, to the casual observer doesn’t really tell where the club is, West/Western is an ambiguous term that Australian sports teams have embraced over the years and it does their identity no favours. “West Sydney Tigers”, although not a perfect name, at least identifies what city they represent and also ties in the regions that both the pre-merger Tigers and Magpies covered. “Wests” would still work as a nickname to Sydneysiders but I decided against its official use since there are plenty of Western teams to add to confusion.


No huge changes to the colours, the Orange has been toned down from the Red-Orange that they currently have to a more traditional colour.


A retooled Balmain logo (Balmain Leagues Club) replaces the Florida Panthers-like leaping Tiger logo. The secondary is the Magpie below the collar. Although the logos and moniker are in favour of the Balmain side of the merger, the uniforms go the other way.


The Primary uniform is basically the old Wests Magpies jersey with some orange replacing the white (white shorts, black socks) while the Secondary is an orange version of the Primary (black/white shorts, orange socks). Each uniform would be worn an equal amount of times at home games (orange at Leichhardt, black at Campbelltown, 50:50 split at the SFS) and would alternate depending on uniform clashes at away games. The throwbacks are based on old Balmain and Wests uniforms.

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