Wallabies Primary Uniform 2017-18

Australian Mens National Rugby Team

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The Wallabies home uniform expands upon their most memorable design of the last 20 years and integrates some of the classic elements of the Wallabies identity while providing a new twist on others.



The major change to the Wallabies jersey is the introduction of a butcher stripe styled chest band and sleeve striping. The sleeve striping was nothing new to the Wallabies, having used it in the early 2000’s. Though the style of sleeve striping is very similar to the current Springboks jersey, the Wallabies wore a white jersey with a similar style in at least one test against the Springboks in 1937.

Source: British Pathé
John Eales in 1999 Source:

John Eales in 1999


The sleeve striping also commemorates Australia’s last World Cup in 1999. The striping has a bit of a curve to it, most notably on the sleeve which afford greater space on the sleeve for sponsors and/or tournament logos.

The gold has been darkened slightly from the current design, to closer match what was worn in the early 1990’s while the green remains roughly the same. All traces of white have been removed to simplify the colour palette.

Other details on the jersey include:

  • The coast of arms has been redesigned as part of a systematic application across all sports (more info).
  • The chorus to “Waltzing Matilda” is printed on the inner collar – the once popular anthem for the Wallabies.
  • A federation star has also been embroidered (green on green) onto the placket base.
  • The back panel features an embossed southern cross pattern with the star outlines extending to the edges of the panel.

Back detail

Shorts and Socks


The jersey has been paired with plain green shorts and socks with matching striped foldovers. The  federation star and southern cross are included on the back of the left and right sock, respectively.

Uniform Details

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