Sydney Thunder 2017-18

The final design in this set is the Sydney Thunder. In short, the Thunder have a cool name, cool colours, and a bit of a dopey logo. The logo is JUST tall enough to not look too weird on a shirt so its been kept as is.


The Thunder’s current colours feature yellow as a trim, maybe to differentiate them further from the Stars. I don’t really like it for whatever reason. Instead, I included lighter shades of green to go with the neon green and black base colours.


The cap is primarily black with a contrasting neon green front panel. The “T” from the official logo has been used as a secondary logo on the front panel with a multi-shade bolt pattern behind it.

Mens Uniform

The shirt is primarily green with black shoulders. The main body features a thunder bolt pattern in multiple shades of green which lightens up the green base overall.

Women’s Uniform

Black was kept as a secondary colour as it provides a further point of differentiation from the Stars.

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See more of this collection

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