St. George-Illawarra Dragons


I aimed to more closely integrate the two identities. Its a more subtle effort than with the Tigers though it may be more controversial with St. George’s V dominating the jerseys.


From my previous Dragons post:

The primary logo is based on previous logos but includes St. George’s cross and a cog to represent the Steelers part of the merger. The St. George brand is strong and recognisable enough to not need a wordmark so its been omitted like Souths. The secondary logo is the Steelers cog below the collar.


The primary is similar to the current design, however with the sponsor below the V and hooped socks.  The secondary is basically an inverted version of the primary, its clearly a Dragons design but with a nod to Illawarra and would be worn for all games (bar heritage games) at Wollongong. The retro jerseys are based on both club’s oringal uniforms. I used a later Dragons logo as they did not have one at the time of the original design. What bugs me about current interpretations of Steelers’ retro jerseys is that they make the stripes too thin and too close together, this issue is fixed here.