South Queensland Jets (Expansion Team)

The next expansion team is the South Queensland Jets


The placeholder name of the Western Corridor bid has thrown up many different names including (but not limited to):

  • Brisbane
  • Ipswich
  • Ipswich-Logan
  • Ipswich-Logan-Toowoomba (ILT)
  • Logan
  • South Brisbane
  • West Brisbane
  • South Queensland
  • South East Queensland
  • Western Corridor
  • Jagera
Of that lot, South Queensland provides the best solution to identifying the geographic region the team would cover (West Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and Toowoomba), tying up the region west and south of Brisbane. The bid is also pushing the Jets moniker (from Ipswich Jets), a strong moniker that has local ties to the area.



Its difficult to depict a jet top down without looking like the Essendon Bombers logo which is my reason for using green as the body colour. The jet itselt uses a lot of negative space Dark green)  to define the wings from the body and silver highlights to give dimension. The wordmark used was chosen so that it wouldn’t distract from the main part of the logo. The sceondary is the jet on its own.


I had green and silver in mind from the beginning, with both green and silver being underutilised colours in the NRL. The colours are also an evolution of the green and white of the Ipswich Jets. In the end I also used two greens in the logo and uniforms.


The uniforms are simple with the basic design being a body colour with contrasting sleeves and shorts (green body/silver contrast for primary and white body/green contrasts for the secondary). A sublimated chevron design on the front of the jersey adds a bit more detail to something that is otherwise simple and clean. The throwback is an old Ipswich Jets design used in the Allan Langer years.

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