Rockhampton Crushers (Expansion Team)

The next of my expansion teams is the Rockhampton Crushers. My idea was to kill two birds with one stone – firstly to introduce a team into the Central Queensland area and secondly to resurrect the unique Crushers brand, especially given the history of sugar industry around Rockhampton.


The logo retains the steam train as a mascot but it now dominates the logo as opposed to the previous small train on top. The train is also now front on the the observer, angling up giving an ominous look. I intentionally oversized the cowcatcher so that the whole logo is shaped similar to a shield. The “95” on the front of the boiler to signify the year the original Crushers were founded.


I wanted the colours to be unique to the Queensland NRL landscape – the current teams use maroon/gold/white, navy/silver/gold/white and double blue/gold/white. I decided on burnt orange/white and complimented it with a small amount of sky blue, unique to Australian sport and undoubtedly so in Rugby League. The darker shade of orange, paired with the blue distinguishes itself from the other orange team in the league, the Tigers.


The uniforms a simple and no-fuss – reflecting the team’s rural location. The all orange primary jersey and socks contrast strongly with the white shorts while the simple striping breaks up the solid colour.

The secondary has the colours of the jersey/shorts/socks inverted, making for a unique white/orange/white look that stands out from other white uniforms. The secondary also has the option of being paired with the primary shorts for an all white look.

The throwback uniform is the old South Queensland Crushers uniform, not the greatest but its history.

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