Pacific Island Nations Rugby League


The remainder of these international uniforms will be done in groups classified by region. The first region is the pacific islands. The pacific island nations were a fairly daunting task in that there is a strong push for the inclusion of unique pacific-style art elements, something I have no experience in making. As a result, the deeper meaning of the art style I have “mimicked” is likely to convey contradictory or nonsensical meaning; I just put my efforts into the aesthetics.

Cook Islands

  • Common element in Cook Islander art – “barbs” used throughout design
  • Basket weave texture on jersey body
  • Tri-colour hooped socks
  • Playful name/number font
  • 15 stars on back of collar

Although the Cooks share Australia’s colours, the execution of their jersey makes it impossible to confuse the two countries. I didn’t reinvent the wheel with the Cook Islands. Instead, I took the key distinguishing elements of the current design (the “barbs”, for lack of a better term) and featured it strongly in the design.


  • Big departure from the traditional black and white; primary colours (brown/tan/orange) based on Fijian masi cloth, turquoise based on pacific waters.
  • Fijian masi elements incorporated into jersey hoops
  • Slab name/number font to match FNRL logo

I’ve wanted to change Fiji’s colours for a long time. The black and white is not a bad colour scheme but its strongly associated with their national rugby team. Brown is a fantastic colour that is barely used in any sport, and is a colour I actively look to include in colour schemes. Coincidentally brown is a colour associated with Fijian masi cloth, so it was a natural choice to include orange and tan to complement.

Papua New Guinea

  • Traditional V style
  • Gold/red played up as primary colours – unique in rugby league
  • PNGRFL coat of arms on chest
  • Tri-colour hooped socks
  • PNG flag on back of collar

PNG has the oldest RL body in the pacific islands and has a long history of using the V. The key distinguishing elements are the colours, and their use. Yellow and red are featured heavily in the primary uniform.


  • Samoan tatau-inspired pattern featured on jersey and shorts
  • Double-blue effect

Although the design is simple overall, Samoa took the longest to complete. I tried to place Samoan tatau elements into a deep V formation, similar to past Bulldogs jerseys. Since the pattern is so dominant, I went with a double-blue look.


  • Tongan tapa cloth elements set into Tongan cross on chest
  • White contrasting collar and cuffs

Red and white is such a strong colour combination. I made the design as simple as possible to focus on these colours. A cross, similar to that on the Tongan flag is featured in the centre of the jersey with tapa cloth patterns.