North Queensland Cowboys


There’s a double post today so I can crank out all of the existing NRL teams prior to the season starting.


Another change to the Cowboys logo, this time I’ve moved away from using a star entirely. TheĀ AustralianĀ application of “Cowboy” really has no linkages to the law (neither did Cowboys in the US) so I wanted to place the focus entirely on the club’s primary identity in the steer horns. In short, the Sheriff’s badge has been replaced with a roundel, if only to give the logo some vertical height.



Both jerseys are a spin on their inaugural jersey with the gradientĀ blinds striping (for lack of a better term) included at 50% opacity on the main body. I like the grey sleeves on the current home jersey and they’ve been included in my primary. Like the current gear, gold is kept as an accent colour.

Retro 1

The Cowboys’ original jersey.

Retro 2

The NQ rep jersey that they have used in previous years.