Melbourne Storm


With the Storm just releasing their new design, which is a modest upgrade of their last set, I decided to add my contribution for them early.


I love the emphasis on purple of late. It really sets them apart from any other side and works well with the navy to represent an actual Storm in Melbourne. Gold is the odd one out, it was has been de-emphasised since 2003 and when it turns up on the uniforms it sticks out like a sore thumb. Purple and navy together are gloomy and a rich sunny colour does not fit the idea of a miserable storm. Silver on the other hand adds to the effect and is my reasoning for adding it as an accent colour.


The challenge was to represent the Storm and Victoria (parochialism against NSW/Qld) without falling into the trap of clutter. I’ve pretty much used a Bulldogs style V yoke and added more angular elements. I couldn’t find a way to add lightning bolts to the jersey without them bumping into the logo so simpler spikes had to do.