Melbourne Renegades 2017-18

I’m not an avid watcher of the BBL but on face value, the Melbourne BBL team dynamics appear to be roughly analogous to that in Sydney – both 6ers and Stars have an air of glamour and represent the inner city while the Renegades and Thunder cater the to the outer suburbs.

The Renegades enjoy a fair bit of popularity in Melbourne with high memberships and attendances, a hallmark of the Victorian sporting landscape. Other than getting memberships and attending games, Victorians love their rebellious icons; stemming from the Eureka Stockade in its early history. If “Rebels” wasn’t already taken, you could bet your last dollar that the Melbourne Rebels would be playing in the BBL. “Renegades” is not too bad of an alternative, better than “Mavericks” at the very least.

The Renegades’ greatest asset is its logo, well the non-wordmark part. The circled “R” is simple but striking and is depicted in a style that would be out of place if painted on a wall during a revolt. Its the best logo in the BBL (not hard to be). Outside of this icon, and the cool colours, the application of the brand is pretty ordinary. The wordmark is horrendously wide like the Scorchers and the uniforms are blah, being plain red with black sleeves and the “R” in white on the lower torso. They do have lots of potential with a few tweaks.

The BBL and Renegades websites use a lot of imagery with brick walls and graffiti – showing the rebellious nature of the brand (I don’t know what they are rebelling against other than as part of the manufactured intra-city rivalries that are oh-so common in sports). I’ve tweaked this a bit to use a broken brick wall, which represents the breaking of rules and conventions, like a renegade would do (real deep stuff here).


The cap is primarily black with a contrasting red peak. Unlike the other two teams completed so far, the cap does not feature a pattern.

Mens Uniform

With red, black and a bit of white used as the Renegades’ colours, it would be very easy to make something that looks like the SA Redbacks. A deliberate effort was made to distinguish the two by inverting the Renegades’ usual colour scheme from red shirt/black pants to predominantly black shirt/red pants.

Women’s Uniform

Until recently, having pants lighter than the shirt was near non-existent in the domestic/international cricketing world. But Twenty20 cricket has introduced some wilder ideas in its short existence and there is now more scope to create something more distinctive.

There’s still enough red on the shirt to call the Renegades a red team, just less than now to set them apart in the sporting landscape.

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See more of this collection

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