Manly-Warringah Sea-Eagles


Moving from West Coast to East. The Sea-Eagles have bounced around with their identity over the past 20 years, away from the look most associated with the Silvertails moniker. The aim here is to bring their identity more in line with the most hated club (outside of their fanbase) in league history.


The current logo is too busy but not because of the Sea-Eagle, which is well rendered. The butcher stripe and dense wordmark add too much maroon to the logo and the wing detail becomes lost in the background. The logo from the 1970’s was an example of effective minimalism which would work well to draw the eye to the Eagle and not the background. The wordmark is also clearer not being as bound by a thick maroon ring.


Their best (and most iconic look) was used from the late 1970’s to early 1990’s. Followed by varying designs, even incorporating sponsor colours into the jersey (Pepsi). After the Northern Eagles mess the Sea-Eagles tacked on to navy blue as a secondary colour, not the best colour to complement maroon. 2003-5 was an ok design, 2006-08 was better and 2009-11 was their best look in nearly 20 years (the white away was fantastic). Bringing it full circle I’ve taken the retro Wormald/P&O/Pioneer design, keeping the thinner double stripe compared to modern interpretations and paired it with the mock traditional collar, similar to the collars of the 1950’s and 60’s. The jerseys look like they belong to schoolboy XV, ideal for silvertails who want to be hated by their fibro counterparts. The secondary inverts the jersey and shorts, providing plenty of contrast, even for an away game against the Broncos. The first retro jersey ¬†uses the unique “flying Eagle” design with one of their earlier club badges. Note that the primary sponsor is moved to the right chest below the team logo (something I’ve seen in Euro soccer a few times); its an effective means of keeping a sponsor while not compromising a design not made for sponsors, I’d like to see major sponsors agreeing to deal like this for one-off games. The second retro jersey is their 90’s “Pepsi” design. Not a great design but it is associated with a successful period in Manly-Warringah history.