Jagera Jets

Expansion Team

The Jets are another one of my expansion teams which I have come back to visit.


Originally, I had this team under the name “South Queensland”. However, the name “Jagera” (the tribe occupying the region south-west of Brisbane) is really unqiue, and is unconventional in the sense that it isn’t a place but rather a nod to the history of that place. The name also does not promote Ipswich, Logan or Toowoomba over one another.

Outside of the name Jagera, I didn’t want the Jets to co-opt the local indigenous culture. The Indigenous All-Stars do a fine job of promoting the Australian indigenous culture without pegging a demographic to one area.


Both green and silver are criminally underused colours in Australian sport. In the South Queensland sporting scene, the green jersey would stand out from the reds, maroons, golds and blues.


From earlier:

Its difficult to depict a jet top down without looking like the Essendon Bombers logo which is my reason for using green as the body colour. The jet itself uses a lot of negative space Dark green)  to define the wings from the body and silver highlights to give dimension. The wordmark used was chosen so that it wouldn’t distract from the main part of the logo.


I made some tweaks to the uniforms from before. I’ve gone with a single green with a more subtle chevron design on the main body. More focus is draw to the sleeves with a bold stripe. The primary also has silver (grey) shorts and socks, similar to the old Ipswich Jets uniform I used as a retro design. The secondary inverts the jersey/shorts/socks colours and would be the only silver jersey in the competition.