Gold Coast Titans


I’ve taken a different route from previous Titans designs, moving away from whacky cartoonish watermarks and random panels to simpler elements that place emphasis on their unique colours.


There were already a lot of blue teams in the NRL before the inclusion of the Titans. But blue is a colour of various shades. There are navy blue sides (Roosters, Cowboys, Storm), royal blue sides (Eels, Bulldogs, Knights) and a lighter blue side in the Sharks. I liked the original blue that the Titans wore, it was between royal blue and sky blue which is unique in Australian sport. Unfortunately they’ve focused on predominantly navy with their current (and allegedly future) designs. The double blue idea is an ok one but reversing the colours so that navy was a secondary was the first order of business. Gold remains as a trim colour but more emphasis is placed on it compared to minor piping and detail at the moment. The blue/gold may look like the Eels but for a Gold Coast team they should be mandatory.


The emphasis was placed on the colours to set the Titans apart. It seems counter-intuitive to give them a retro style design but promoting the Gold Coast brand was more important (to me) than the Titans moniker, which has lead to poor design in the past. The gold V meeting the lighter blue (on both uniforms) hints at a beach in a way that won’t become dated. The simple design also draws attention towards the Titans logo rather than away from it. The retro jersey is a nod to the Gold Coast -Tweed Giants – the first of many rugby league incarnations on the Gold Coast.