Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks


The second half of today’s double-post is the Sharks, last of the existing NRL teams.


The current Sharks logo has a pretty cool rendering of a shark, albeit very light on detail. I changed the gills and added some white highlight to the existing logo which I think adds a bit more dimension. The current logo is also awkwardly shaped; so the horrendous wordmark has been removed of ascenders/descenders and given a slight arch over a larger shield. The shark still breaches the shield though so that more negative space in the shield is filled.



Similar to what the Sharks will wear in 2013, minus the strange back panelling. The primary switches the black and white around which I think is a bolder look, I think I’ve seen them do this in a pre-season jersey at some point. I made a slight modification on their awesome socks to place more emphasis on blue.

Retro 1

The original Sharks jersey, ’nuff said.

Retro 2

A traditional Sharks hooped jersey with the proper socks and sky blue shorts. The entire uniform, down to the shade of blue is amazing. One of the best uniforms of the 70’s-90’s.