Cricket Australia ODI Kit 2017-18

Unlike tests, ODI uniforms allow a lot more flexibility in creating a distinct identity. Australia’s ODI identity sure sticks out, usually having players decked out in yellow from head to toe. As much as I prefer the more subdued green of the Kangaroos, the gold of the Wallabies and Socceroos allows the ODI team to remain distinct from Pakistan, South Africa and Bangladesh (or over a quarter of Australia’s regular opponents).

Apart from the yellow, which has steadily lightened to the point that Big Bird is drafting up a cease and desist letter, Australia’s uniforms have followed consistent themes over the last 15 years – random green panelling, usually some piping, and the Southern Cross shoehorned in somewhere. I couldn’t tell you how many different designs Asics has released as they all sort of seem similar.

My favourite element of past designs is the butcher stripe across the torso, which was introduced to World Series Cricket in the mid 80s (by all teams) and resurrected by Australia briefly for their all-conquering 2007 World Cup campaign. In an era where panels and sublimation reign supreme, a bold stripe is refreshing. Coincidentally (or not) the stripe also features as a V on the pullovers that the test team has worn for the best part of a century if not longer.

The first order of business was to darken the yellow a bit, not a crazy amount but to one that is a bit closer to gold used in the mid to late 1990’s. This yellow was paired with a slightly lighter green than is currently used and metallic gold (as an accent colour). I really liked Australia’s dark green and metallic gold designs from around 2007 and wanted to incorporate the colours somehow across the ODI and T20 uniforms.

I included the butcher stripe but moved it to the chest to allow for sponsorship placement. The main band was drawn wide enough to comfortably fit the coat of arms and features a sublimated shadowed V pattern which is a loose call-back to the V on the test pullover. The trim within the stripe is a gradient from the main body yellow to metallic gold. The butcher stripe is repeated on the pants in a panel extending from the waist to mid-leg.

The wordmark from the test uniform has been shifted down to below the number and given a metallic gold outline instead of a drop shadow.

The cap is pretty simple, gold with a green bill. The player’s appearance number is featured on the right side panel with the same thin metallic gold outline as the wordmark on the shirt.

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