Chanticleers Français Rugby à XIII


The French have fallen off as a rugby league powerhouse in the 50 years but have a long (and tumultuous) history with the game. They still sit in or around the top 5 in the world but are a long way off of the big 3.

Existing Identity



The current French RL identity is a mixed bag, going so well in some aspects and not so well in others.

The current logo is fantastic. It could easily have been a retread of the same rooster on a shield as per the national rugby union team. But instead it cleverly encloses the chanticleer in a football shape, along with the synonymous “XIII” of French RL.

On the other side of their identity are their uniforms. The French HAD a timeless uniform in the past but have experimented considerably in recent times. Their current look is not bad on the surface but it could easily be mistaken for Scotland. There has been a recent shift away from the French colours of (a lighter) blue, white and red (more red anyway). The lack of red here kind of makes the uniforms boring in my eyes.

Current home jersey and shorts, paired with red socks as far as I know [1]

Current home jersey and shorts, paired with red socks as far as I know [1]

Their traditional look is my favourite of any team in any sport. Although it follows the typical blue jersey/white shorts/red socks template of many French sporting teams, the bold jersey design sets it apart from any other. In my opinion, they should never have strayed from this basic look.

Why stray from this? [2]

Why stray from this? [2]

This look strikes the perfect balance of red and blue and is synonymous the strongest period of French rugby league.

Proposed Identity

Obviously I was going to emulate the look mentioned above. The V yoke is back and the blue is lightened considerably for the primary jersey. I changed the socks up a bit to match the jersey and keep consistency with the spacing of red and blue with white. The primary sponsor has also been moved to the upper chest, same as what I did for Australia and New Zealand.

The secondary was a chance to go for something less conventional. I basically made the jersey into a big French flag. Have been wanting to make a design with three panels like this for a while and this was a perfect chance to do so.

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