09 Mar '17


Cricket Australia ODI Kit 2017-18

Unlike tests, ODI uniforms allow a lot more flexibility in creating a distinct identity. Australia’s ODI identity sure sticks out, usually having players decked out in yellow from head to toe. As much as I prefer the more subdued green … Read More

09 Mar '17

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Cricket Australia T20 Kit 2017-18

Designing a T20 uniform is the time, if any, to throw something different out. The current uniform is an attempt at a crazy look, but surprisingly comes across as boring –  a black shirt with lime splices on the sides. I like … Read More

31 Jan '17

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Cricket Australia Test Kit 2017-18

Why bother doing a plain white uniform? First of all, its a plain light cream uniform. But the main reason for doing so was to test out my extremely intrusive wordmark on the back of the shirt.

Its something that would probably … Read More