10 Jan '12

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West Sydney Tigers

Next up is the West Sydney Tigers.


“Wests” Tigers, to the casual observer doesn’t really tell where the club is, West/Western is an ambiguous term that Australian sports teams have embraced over the years and it does their identity … Read More

03 Jan '12

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Perth Reds (Expansion Team)

The next expansion team is the Perth Reds, formerly known as the Western Reds and currently bidding as the WA Reds. Just as I am not a fan of the Warriors calling themselves the “New Zealand Warriors”, I am not … Read More

27 Dec '11

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Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 2012-13


I decided to ditch the logo I had made last time and switched to the current logo which has grown on me. The “CB” makes an appearance as a secondary logo below the collar. The old Berries “CB” shield … Read More

18 Dec '11

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Wellington Dukes (Expansion Team)

This is the first of the expansion teams I’m doing. Wellington has been touted on-off as a potential location for an NRL team over the past 10 years. I decided to go with Dukes as a mascot before realising that … Read More

13 Dec '11

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Gold Coast Titans 2012-13

I’ve conceded that the Titans will probably keep the double blue look in the future so I’ve incorporated it into the identity without overdoing it since their other blue is more unique. The navy blue also replaces the black in … Read More

10 Dec '11

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Parramatta Eels 2012-13

First up is the Eels – the home and away are basically what they have now along with two throwback jerseys (throwback 1 against the Bulldogs and throwback 2 against the Sea-Eagles), pretty straightforward here.

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21 Nov '11

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New Zealand Warriors changes for 2012, interesting…

The NZ Warriors have released a new home and away jersey for 2012 with a striking resemblance to a design I put out about 2 years back.

The new design is here:

Which looks strikingly similar (in design) to … Read More

30 Jun '11

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National Rugby League

This is the start of a new and hopefully big project which plans to cover the NRL in a far more detailed aspect than I’ve done previously. Here, I’m covering the basics of the NRL branding that will relate to … Read More

28 Jan '10


Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks 2010

After a bit of a hiatus, I have here the last of the NRL set. All signs point to the Sharkies going into round 1, 2010 sponsorless so I’ve gone with the cleanskins like the Roosters. The secondary is based … Read More

01 Jan '10


Sydney Roosters 2010

Well first and foremost, I’ve shifted the identity back to the 1970’s; a return to the name ‘Eastern Suburbs Roosters’, the cockerel in the white shield and huge V’s on the Primary, Secondary and ANZAC sets.

After waiting months for … Read More

18 Dec '09


Wests Tigers 2010

After confirming sponsors for next year, I have the Wests Tigers finished. I kept Proton as the sponsor on both jerseys for the sake of consistency.

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30 Nov '09


St. George-Illawarra Dragons 2010

After seeing what Reebok dished up for the Dragons for next season, I thought I’d post my own set. I did not include a butcher stripe heritage jumper as it would only represent the St. George side of the club … Read More

19 Nov '09


Melbourne Storm 2010

After seeing the new Storm jerseys for 2010 I decided to revisit  my last concept to update it to the new template.

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12 Nov '09


Newcastle Knights 2010

Decided to go with the Barca stripes and include a retro alternate. The secondary is a little different for league but I wanted to keep it in a similar style to the primary but to provide a contrast in colours.

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04 Nov '09


Brisbane Broncos 2010

Mainly just a few tweaks to the last set I made for them including sleeve striping. Just a note, the Broncos aren’t changing sponsors, I just didn’t feel like working with the WOW logo.

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29 Oct '09


South Sydney Rabbitohs

Changed the home to reflect more traditional colours and made a new away.

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27 Oct '09


Parramatta Eels 2010

Parramatta is returning to their classic logo in 2011 so I jumped the gun and have returned to it a year early. The jumper is a modernised version of their 1980’s designs, including a return to the blue jumper as … Read More

24 Oct '09


Canterbury Bulldogs 2010

Personally, I’d think the Bulldogs would be insane to not adopt the Primary for 2010. Its been thirteen years since they ‘modernised’ the V and many have called for a return to a more traditional styling. Note: The logo I … Read More

21 Oct '09


North Queensland Cowboys 2010

Admittedly, their current main jumper is a big mess and while the secondary jumper is fine it lacks consistency with their identity. I’m not a huge fan of Hummel for league so I’ve switched to Under Armour using the template … Read More

18 Oct '09


Central Coast Bears (Expansion 2013)

Please note that the Central Coast Bears do not play in the NRL, they were scheduled to relocate from North Sydney but were merged with Manly and then folded. There is considerable support from North Sydney sympathisers and the Central … Read More