Rugby League

17 Jul '17

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Brisbane Broncos

This set was the hardest to do so far. ISC nailed the Broncos home uniform for 2017. What I’ve offered up is a minor alteration of that design with a combination of elements from previous designs. I also went over … Read More

06 Jul '17

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14 Jun '17


Melbourne Storm

Continuing a solid design along its path

Background image modified from source

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05 Jun '17


South Sydney Rabbitohs

Just how hard is it to get red and green hoops right?


Click on the tabs to view each uniform.

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20 May '17


Penrith Panthers

Penrith is the NRL’s personification of an identity crisis. Below is an attempt to unravel the mess while still preserving the club’s history.

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10 May '17


Gold Coast Titans

This design is an evolution of an earlier design, with the aim of providing a continuous identity, focusing on incremental changes rather than throwing the whole design out the window.

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03 Aug '16

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New RL/RU Template

After a bit of playing around, I’ve managed to shrink the filesize on my 2014 template to less than 20 MB. The template is available from the downloads page and requires Adobe Photoshop. I haven’t posted a tutorial yet but the … Read More

16 Dec '15


Eastern Europe Rugby League

The final instalment of this series is the eastern European nations of Russia, Ukraine and Serbia.


  • Switch from blue to deep red as primary colours
  • Russian coat of arms on chest
  • Embossed baroque detailing on yoke with flag … Read More
10 Nov '15


Africa/Asia Rugby League


There aren’t a lot of league playing nations in Africa or Asia so I’ve limited the teams in this post to two.

South Africa

  • Two tone green
  • V yoke
  • Flag colours and detailing on inner and back collar
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25 Sep '15


Western Europe Rugby League

A selection of teams in Western Europe, outside of the British Isles and France.Read More

16 May '15

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North American Rugby League


I haven’t been able to work on much lately, not enough to post a full set like I had promised earlier. To keep new content coming in I’ve decided to unveil North American teams as I make them.

United States … Read More

27 Mar '15


British Isles Nations Rugby League


I already posted an England design earlier but wanted to do the rest of the RL nations in the British Isles as well – Ireland, Scotland and Wales. One of the challenges, as was the case with England, was … Read More

07 Mar '15


Pacific Island Nations Rugby League


The remainder of these international uniforms will be done in groups classified by region. The first region is the pacific islands. The pacific island nations were a fairly daunting task in that there is a strong push for the … Read More

17 Feb '15

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Chanticleers Français Rugby à XIII


The French have fallen off as a rugby league powerhouse in the 50 years but have a long (and tumultuous) history with the game. They still sit in or around the top 5 in the world but are a … Read More

06 Jan '15


New Zealand Kiwis


The final of the big three is the New Zealand Kiwis.

Existing Identity

Like Australia, the Kiwis have a classic design that has been used for most of their history with some minor exceptions and variations. Black and white … Read More

24 Dec '14


England Rugby League

The old enemy has a long and storied history to draw inspiration from. Like many of the English national teams, the RL team features white heavily with minimal trim colours. The aim in this project was to create an identity that set RL apart from other sports while retaining common elements that represent England.Read More

04 Dec '14


Australian Rugby League

After a nine month hiatus, I finally have had the time to post something new. Given that the Rugby League Four Nations has just finished, I figured now would be an ideal time to work on some international team concepts.Read More

03 Dec '14

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International RL

Doing some international team concepts. Will post over the next month or so.

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27 Mar '13


Southern Orcas

Stumbling over the line for this set, here’s my last team.

The NZ Rivalry

I covered it in my post on the Warriors but general idea was to split the nation into two halves. The rest … Read More

04 Mar '13


Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

The second half of today’s double-post is the Sharks, last of the existing NRL teams.


The current Sharks logo has a pretty cool rendering of a shark, albeit very light on detail. I changed the … Read More