Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs


A quick update on this set before I dive into the Bulldogs, I’m close to finishing all the teams I had planned on. There are 22 teams in total with 4 existing teams (Bulldogs, Rabbitohs, Cowboys and Sharks) and 2 expansion sides yet to be released. I’ll also post a few ideas on conferences, draws and expansion timelines and will then likely be quieter on the design front until November due to work and study commitments. I plan to keep active on the site, possibly posting uniform matchups for teams playing each week and maybe one or two rep designs. The best way to keep up with what goes on is probably twitter (@GAZF_INFO). Anyway, here’s the Dogs.


Nothing drastic here, just what you would expect from the Bulldogs.


The primary is very similar to what we’ll be seeing in 2013. I’ve gone with a traditional cut so that the V saddle extends to the sleeves, ensuring that the jersey is¬†predominantly¬†white. The shorts have the classic double stripe and the socks mimic the striping thickness of the jersey saddle.


The secondary is the same style as the primary with inverted jersey colours.


The retro alt is still the butcher stripes with a focus on not compromising the design with intrusive block sponsors or side panels. As a result, the design is much closer to the original than previous iterations of mine or the club’s efforts.