Brisbane Heat 2017-18

More abstraction in the team name, but this time its paired with contradicting colours! Really hot things do take on a bluish colour but I don’t think Cricket Australia was going for an astronomy vibe. Distancing the Heat brand from the Scorchers would have been a priority given how similar the names are. To emphasise the difference further, I went with a lighter theme of teal/white/dark teal compared to the Scorchers (orange and black).


I created an abstract flame using triangles, gradients and transparency and used it as a recurring theme throughout the design. The flame resembles the logo with bright white at the base, fading away to teal at the top.


Pretty much all of the caps in this series have contrasting bills. A lot of it has to do with providing a bit of colour contrast, particularly for teams where the shirt and pants colours are the same. The flame pattern has been applied to the front four panels but its fairly subtle. The wordmark was chopped from the logo for the cap as the B is strong enough on its own.

Mens Uniform

The uniforms are all teal with the exception of the lighter pattern at the base of the shirt and side panel on the pants.

Women’s Uniform

The light colours are accented with a darker teal, used for the name/number/sponsors.

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See more of this collection

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