Brisbane Broncos

Primary and secondary uniforms

This set was the hardest to do so far. ISC nailed the Broncos home uniform for 2017. What I’ve offered up is a minor alteration of that design with a combination of elements from previous designs. I also went over the top with 8 uniform combinations (jersey/shorts/socks).

Mixed eras

The uniforms take queues from the 2000 design that the current home jersey is based on, but with a single white stripe as was used on the side panels of the 2002-06 jersey. The white stripe forms part of 7 total stripes with 6 tonal stripes as a callback to designs between 1988 and 1993.

More gold

Earlier Broncos identities distinguished themselves from Queensland’s all-maroon look by using substantial amounts of gold. Gold once again features heavily in the jerseys and and the gold socks return for the primary uniform.

Roller blind

The secondary jersey features more gold, with the division between maroon and gold shifted upwards, along with the white trim stripe.

The panels fit rigidly to the seven tonal stripes on the torso and move relative to them.

Click and drag the slider up and down to transition between the primary and secondary jerseys.



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