17 Jul '17


Brisbane Broncos

This set was the hardest to do so far. ISC nailed the Broncos home uniform for 2017. What I’ve offered up is a minor alteration of that design with a combination of elements from previous designs. I also went over … Read More

06 Jul '17

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14 Jun '17


Melbourne Storm

Continuing a solid design along its path

Background image modified from source

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05 Jun '17


South Sydney Rabbitohs

Just how hard is it to get red and green hoops right?


Click on the tabs to view each uniform.

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20 May '17


Penrith Panthers

Penrith is the NRL’s personification of an identity crisis. Below is an attempt to unravel the mess while still preserving the club’s history.

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10 May '17


Gold Coast Titans

This design is an evolution of an earlier design, with the aim of providing a continuous identity, focusing on incremental changes rather than throwing the whole design out the window.

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09 Mar '17


Cricket Australia ODI Kit 2017-18

Unlike tests, ODI uniforms allow a lot more flexibility in creating a distinct identity. Australia’s ODI identity sure sticks out, usually having players decked out in yellow from head to toe. As much as I prefer the more subdued green … Read More

09 Mar '17

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Cricket Australia T20 Kit 2017-18

Designing a T20 uniform is the time, if any, to throw something different out. The current uniform is an attempt at a crazy look, but surprisingly comes across as boring –  a black shirt with lime splices on the sides. I like … Read More

02 Mar '17

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Cricket Australia Kits 2017-18

This will probably be my last cricket concept in a while but figured I’d do the national teams across the three formats. Although cricket teams do not typically have home and away/primary and secondary uniforms, there are three major versions … Read More

31 Jan '17

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Cricket Australia Test Kit 2017-18

Why bother doing a plain white uniform? First of all, its a plain light cream uniform. But the main reason for doing so was to test out my extremely intrusive wordmark on the back of the shirt.

Its something that would probably … Read More

24 Jan '17

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Hobart Hurricanes 2017-18

Rounding the final corner with the second last team, the Hobart Hurricanes. Mismatching name aside, the logo at least has decent proportions, and the two little H’s are pretty cool. The choice of purple and silver are interesting as they … Read More

12 Jan '17


Melbourne Stars 2017-18

Undoubtedly, the Stars were marketed as Melbourne’s glamour club. No club in their right mind would call themselves the “Stars” and solely focus on a working class demographic. I don’t care for the name but its fine for the BBL. Their best asset by … Read More

03 Jan '17

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Sydney Thunder 2017-18

The final design in this set is the Sydney Thunder. In short, the Thunder have a cool name, cool colours, and a bit of a dopey logo. The logo is JUST tall enough to not look too weird on a … Read More

01 Jan '17

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Brisbane Heat 2017-18

More abstraction in the team name, but this time its paired with contradicting colours! Really hot things do take on a bluish colour but I don’t think Cricket Australia was going for an astronomy vibe. Distancing the Heat brand from the … Read More

02 Dec '16

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Melbourne Renegades 2017-18

I’m not an avid watcher of the BBL but on face value, the Melbourne BBL team dynamics appear to be roughly analogous to that in Sydney – both 6ers and Stars have an air of glamour and represent the inner city while the … Read More

22 Nov '16

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Perth Scorchers 2017-18

If the Big Bash League has one thing in spades, its ambiguous names. The challenge in this set is to visualise the either the team moniker or city in the uniform somehow.

What is a Scorcher? Something hot no doubt. … Read More

14 Nov '16

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Big Bash League 2017-18

This is the first cricket series I’ve done in about 7 years and the continuing popularity of the BBL has made it difficult to not bite. This is my first series that features both men’s and women’s uniforms, though there … Read More

14 Nov '16


Sydney 6ers 2017-18

Sydney’s glamour club needs to say “Sydney”.Read More

11 Nov '16

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Adelaide Strikers 2017-18

Cricket Australia decided to dip into the 1980’s soccer bag of team names when coming up with the team name “Strikers”; a more generic name could not be had. However, it does kind of work for Twenty20 cricket since it has a … Read More

17 Sep '16

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Australian Rugby Sevens 2017-18 More